2 Bond Court - Leeds City Centre


Midland House Ltd

Asset Value:

approx. £5m

Our Role:

Development & Asset Manager


2 Bond Court, Leeds City Centre

Description of the asset

The building was acquired in late 2010 with HSBC as a tenant with a few months remaining on their lease. The building was then comprehensively refurbished and remodelled including the creation of 2 ground floor A3 units helping the animation of the square. The completion of these works was in 2012.

During the refurbishment to Grade A small suite offices, Wilton set up a joint venture with Leeds City Council to redevelop the public open space fronting the building known as Bond Court. It is widely accepted that the work undertaken by Wilton and the City Council has led to the renaissance and continued other investment into the square which has made it now one of the most vibrant and sort after office locations in the city centre.

The building extends to some 15,500 sq ft and is home to La Bottega Milanese and Moose Coffee (UK) Ltd on the ground floor and the office occupiers include Gardiner & Theobald, Transition Partners, Directorbank Group among others.

Additional information

The fifth floor is currently available to let.