About Us

Wilton Developments is the property development vehicle of the Moore Family. Wilton Developments is active in the North of England and heavily focussed on development opportunities in the commercial and residential sectors.

New build, refurbishment or investment opportunities are sought, ensuring each development enriches the community with high quality finishes. Typical value lot sizes range between £1m – £15m for land/building purchases without income.

Wilton Developments works closely with Moores Management & Finance Ltd, who are appointed by the Moore Family to advise on their assets, including the management of a commercial property portfolio with a value approaching £100m.

Our History

Wilton Developments was set up in 2004 and has assembled a portfolio of landmark development projects and high quality investment assets in Leeds and across Yorkshire and the North projected to enjoy substantial growth in the coming years.

Our broad expertise and strong funding background and relationships have allowed us to build a varied portfolio of development projects and investment assets, spanning the commercial and residential sectors across the North of England.

Wilton Funding

Wilton Developments has access to substantial equity funds for property purchases. Wilton enjoys the financial stability and backing of the Moore Family, who have made considerable investment into the development of the company.

Wilton are free from the constraints of funding with immediate access to equity, allowing flexibility in an ever changing market.